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House Family Vineyards


We have enjoyed sharing our mountaintop paradise with the community for over ten years and we hope to keep doing so.

For the last several years our family has been working with the City of Saratoga to define the terms of our Master Plan. Notices to the community mailed by the CIty as part of the review period of the city’s permitting process have generated comments and concerns from our neighbors and the community. Many misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the history, scope, and nature of our operations, and of the Conditional Use Permit have come to our attention.

Our intention has always been to conduct our business with transparency and honesty and to be a good neighbor. While we work to more effectively communicate with our community regarding our Master Plan and our Conditional Use Permit application, we have extended the review process, and closed our operations to the public. We remain open to our Wine Club members, by appointment only.

During this time, we hope to hear all of our neighbors’ concerns and to answer their questions. Our intention is to work with our community, and to address concerns wherever possible.

As part of our communication efforts to this end, we have put together fact sheet listed under the FAQs tab. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions, to clarify points regarding the history and scope of our operations and our application. We hope that this will help to answer the questions and to clear up some of the misconceptions that we’ve encountered.

Additionally, we welcome individuals with any questions or concerns to contact us. We are available to meet in person outdoors at our home or House Family Vineyard facilities with social distancing, masks and sanitizers or via Zoom, or phone or email. We are also conducting regular Tuesday evening informational sessions at our Vineyard Point Deck, so that those who are not familiar with our facilities can see them themselves. Please let us know if you’d like to attend one of these sessions.

Dave House

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