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House Family Vineyards

Wine Club Membership Program and Benefits

At House Family Vineyards we focus on producing only the highest quality, limited quantity/production wines.  Our total annual production is currently only about 4,000 to 4,500 cases, and our Wine Club members enjoy first access to these limited exclusive wines. While a variety of our extraordinary, and high quality terroir driven red wines are the primary focus of our exclusive wine club selections, we also produce some truly exceptional, and limited quantity white and rose wines such as our Estate Chardonnay. 

Wine Club Benefits

  • An allocation of 6 specially selected bottles a year; 3 bottles in the spring, and 3 bottles in th fall.
  • Up to four complimentary tastings each visit.
  • Discounts of 15% on single bottle purchases.
  • Discounts of 20% on case purchases.
  • Access to our very limited and exclusive House Family Library Wines (discounts do not apply to library wines due to extremely limited quantities).
  • Red/White wine only option available upon request, subject to availability.
  • No enrollment fee - One year minimum membership commitment.
  • Reservation Priority
  • Dicounts for large party reservations

Club 98 - House Family Legacy Benefits

  • An allocation of 12 specially selected bottles a year; 6 bottles in the spring, and 6 bottles in the fall.
  • Up to six complimentarty tastings each visit. 
  • Discounts of 20% on single bottle purchases.
  • Discounts of 25% on case purchases.
  • First access to very exclusive and limited wines.
  • All other benefits listed above.

Once registered as an active House Family Wine Club member, these discounts will automatically be applied to orders you place.

Early withdraw or termination of membership will result in an immediate cancelation of membership benefits. If cancelation occurs prior to the one year, the prior discounts are charged at the time of cancelation. Members that place their membership on hold cannot receive membership benefits for the duration of the hold, but benefits will become effective again once the hold is removed. 

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