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Join the House Family Wine Club and receive 6 bottles a year. Receive 3 bottles in the spring and 3 bottles in the fall. Each release consists of wines selected by our Winemaker and average ~$185+tax. The price varies depending on the wines selected for release. You are able to exchange wines if desired.

Our focus on meticulously hand-farming the highest quality fruit produces limited quantities; only about 2,500 cases each year. Joining the Family Wine Club allows you to get first access to our wines. See below for additional benefits. 

Members receive:

  • Discounts of 20% on case purchases.
  • Up to four complimentary tastings each visit.
  • An allocation of 6 specially selected bottles a year; 3 bottles in the spring, and 3 bottles in the fall.
  • Discounts of 15% on single bottle purchases.
  • Access to our very limited and exclusive House Family Library Wines (discounts do not apply to library wines due to extremely limited quantities).
  • Exclusive access to specially selected “members only” wines and extremely limited library wines
  • Our Club 98 members enjoy the benefits listed above and more, with double the wine!
  • Reservation Priority
  • Large Group reservation discounts

No enrollment fee - One year minimum membership commitment.

**Memberships are activated with a 3 bottle purchase. When you join the club online you can then select your first 3 bottles on our wine page. If you do not wish to purchase wines online, you can always purchase the wines during your first reservation. Our wine club has a one year commitment. If cancelation occurs prior to the one year, the prior discounts are charged at the time of cancelation. 


3 bottle release - typically two red wines and one white wine.

3 bottle release - red wines only.

3 bottle release - white wines only.

6 bottle release - Choose any of the membership types above and receive 2 bottles of each varietal instead of 1. Increased benefits apply to this level of membership.

3 bottle release - for the pinot noir lover! Pinot noirs from different regions

Collectors Club-One hand selected library wine of equal value to the current three bottle release, per release.

Estate Club-This club offers limited Estate grown wines. Enjoy the fruit of our own terroir with three Estate wines, per release.

*Custom wine club shipments are available, per personal preferences.

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