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House Family Vineyards

Background Information on House Family Vineyards

The House family owns 73 acres in the hills of Saratoga. The House family property lies between Agriculture and Open Space land on one side and residential properties on the other side.  The property boundaries are with Open Space (16%), Cooper Garrod Farm (16%), undeveloped land (30%) and residential properties (38%). The three houses on the property are home to three generations (13 members) of the House family.

House Family Vineyards was founded in 1998 by Dave House. His vision was to create a sustainable vineyard and winery, consistent with Saratoga’s agricultural heritage; an enduring family business and parklike setting for family, friends and the community. His purpose is to preserve the family property and its use into perpetuity.

Dave House is, and has long been, a history buff. He is intrigued with the long history of wine making in this area (he can talk about it for hours). A grandson of farmers, he was immediately attracted to grape farming. His daughter’s husband, Jim Cargill, is his partner and winemaker at House Family Vineyards. Every member of the House family has played a role in the family business at one time or another.

For more of Dave’s story and the history of the land and the winery, see our history page by clicking here: HouseFamilyVineyards.com/History.

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