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House Family Vineyards

House Family Vineyards Guest Events Narrative

This document provides information and background on the prior and current use of House Family Vineyards. We feel the property's background is important as genuinely local businesses, charities, individuals, school groups, and families have sought out, requested, and used this property for themselves. We view these requests and our desire and willingness to help and share, a token that House Family Vineyards is genuinely a community asset.

Vineyard Point, the current tasting deck location, has long been a House family gathering point. There, we enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, open space, surrounding vineyards, and Silicon Valley, often inviting friends to join.  We have held family weddings, and sipped wine while watching the July 4 fireworks across the valley. It is truly a spectacular spot and one of the most beautiful scenic locations in the South Bay.

We began sharing Vineyard Point with charities more than ten years ago. We have hosted multiple events for the Computer History Museum, the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, The Tech Museum/Tech Interactive, the Intel Alumni Association, Stanford Children’s Hospital, and many other nonprofits. The Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association holds meetings and tastings, and we host the annual Saratoga Classic Car Show kickoff. Our friends gather every harvest season for our Harvest Party, before moving to our home for dinner. Friends frequently ask to hold wine tastings and dinners, and host birthdays, graduations, and celebrations of life. We enjoy sharing this magical location with worthy causes, friends, and the local community.

After obtaining our first California Alcohol and Beverage Commission (ABC) license in 2010, we began holding private wine tastings for restaurant and wine shop managers. We received our California ABC Type 2 Winery license in 2011, which "authorizes the sale of wines to consumers for consumption on the premises,” and began allowing community members to join us for wine tastings. Over the next few years, the word spread, and more people visited to experience the beauty of the property. In recent times, we have reached the limit of both its capacity and our interest. After all, we live here, and the activities impact us more than anyone else.

The years 2018 and 2019 represent our reasonable capacity. We hosted 104 events in 2018, and 105 events in 2019. Most events are small, with 40% below 25 people, and 70% below 50 people. An example of a large event is the Stanford Children’s Hospital charity event with 140 attendees in April of 2017. We held three weddings in 2018 and three weddings in 2019, for friends and Wine Club members. 

Types of guests using the property varied significantly, with a mixture of nonprofits, individuals, and companies hosting events. Morning breakfast meetings and mid-day lunch meetings are popular, as well as corporate team-building and strategic planning events. These are typical uses during the day. Private wine tastings are also popular with both companies and individuals. About half our events concluded by 6:00 p.m.; many events finished by 8:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m. has been our latest scheduled time. We featured background music, and occasionally soft live music.

During the summers of 2018 and 2019, we featured live music from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Fridays. We do not allow amplified music after 10:00 p.m. We control the volume on all music, employ sound management practices, and strictly conform to the City Noise Ordinance.

During this time, we have never experienced a traffic complaint, and have had only one quickly addressed noise complaint. We do not hold concerts. We train our staff to serve our guests ethically and responsibly according to local and state standards outlined by the Alcoholic Beverage Control of California. When groups use our facilities, all parking is within our property. We do not allow parking on public streets. We adhere to all City ordinances. We are committed to be good neighbors and stay within our property rights.

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