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House Family Vineyards

IZUMI Masatoshi Sculpture Garden

Upon entering the gates to House Family Vineyards visitors are greeted by Land Meets Sky, a sculpture installation designed and created specifically for the site by acclaimed artist IZUMI Masatoshi. Installed in 2006, the massive pieces of Japanese Inland Sea Mannari Stone (Rusted Granite) were sculpted in IZUMI's workshop in Japan, after his first visit to the site in 2005. Starting out as Serenade to Nature, IZUMI later felt that Land Meets Sky was a more appropriate name, reflecting the order and boldness of nature, he holds the traditional Japanese belief that the stone itself is already a sculpture, created by the hand of nature.

With the Santa Cruz mountains majestically rising behind them, the three sculptures composing Land Meets Sky: “Welcome, “Source of Light”, and “Balance”; made of precisely cut and arranged stones weighing tens of thousands of pounds, add visual weight and significance, as well as an alluring beauty, to our vineyard home.

Weddingsprivate tastings and events can be accommodated in the Izumi sculpture garden.

Heavenly in your sight, I linger
steadfast in your gaze, touched
by the airy sunlight, welcoming
wind and rain. We can never
be apart.

   -Edward Espe Brown, Zen Teacher
    The Poetry of Stone




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